State Center Fire & EMS


State Center Fire & EMS

115 E Main St
PO Box 802
State Center, IA  50247
(641) 483-2081
Department Officers

Fire Chief                                Jim Eckhardt**
Asst Fire Chief                       Jim Vellinga
Asst Fire Chief/EMS Chief   Brad Pfantz**
Captain                                   Doug Henze**
Captain                                   Rick Wilkening
Lieutenant                              Keith Christianson
Lieutenant                              Randy Goodwin**
Squad Leader                       Tim Butler

The State Center Fire & EMS is committed to the extinguishment of fire, protection of life and property, and providing needed medical services to the people of State Center and surrounding communities.We respond to approximately fifty to sixty fire/accidents calls and 170 EMS calls each year.  In addition, we volunteer 4200 hours of training per year.  Our EMS is a conditional EMT-B transport squad, providing backup ambulance service to the Marshalltown Area Paramedic Service from Marshalltown, IA.We are a dedicated group of individuals providing the best service possible to our community.  Our membership is limited to a maximum of fifty members.  Anyone interested in membership should contact Fire Chief, Jim Eckhardt or EMS Chief, Brad Pfantz at 641-483-2081.A few facts about our department for the 2014 year through October 1st………

  •  We have responded to 128 Fire and EMS calls
  •  We educate about 300 West Marshall students each year during fire prevention week.  Teaching them about fire safety and having fun along the way.
  •  Average response time to the scene was 8 minutes, 2 seconds (national average for EMS is over 10 minutes for rural departments)  We were on scene in 5 minutes or less on 72% of the calls and 10 minutes or less on 96% of the calls.
  • We recently took 2nd place at the annual Firefighter Competition in September.
  • Remember that each and every volunteer donates their time to protect the people and property of this district without any compensation.  Please show your appreciation by returning a donation to the State Center Fire & EMS.

Each year, the State Center Fire & EMS conduct a fund drive to support the purchase of educational and firefighting supplies that are not otherwise available for the department.  We appreciate your past support which helps keep our department one of the best Volunteer Departments in the state.


Tyson Akers*
Andy Blink*
Doug Butler
Jeff Edler
Trent Eggers*
Kim Elder
Jeff Gerke
Cody German*
Chris Goodwin*
Loren Green*
Holle Henze**
Doug Hobbs
Robert Kerwood*
Jeff Larsen*
Tyler Maddick*
Randy McMorran**
Sara McMorran
Wendell Millizer
Craig Muench
Bob Nusbaum*
Dick Postel
Ricky Ramirez*
Zac Stebniski**
Jim Streeter**
Jim Thornbury
Alan Tichy*
Kristi Tuttle**
Mike Walkup
Matt Walton
Stacy Webber**
Craig Weuve
Eric Wilkening*
Hunter Wilkening*
Rod Wilkening*

*Denotes Active Member
** Denotes EMT