Council Minutes FY 2008 - 2009

Minutes from the Council Meetings for the year 2008 - 2009.  Click on the pdf file below to view the minutes of the council meetings.
July 2008 Council Minutes24.57 KB
Aug 2008 Council Minutes34.729999999999997 KB
Aug 2008 Special Council Meeting Minutes14.210000000000001 KB
Sept 2008 Council Minutes35.640000000000001 KB
Oct 2008 Council Minutes36.229999999999997 KB
Nov 2008 Council Minutes32.170000000000002 KB
Nov 2008 Special Council Meeting Minutes12.94 KB
Dec 2008 Council Minutes27.98 KB
Jan 2009 Council Minutes33.450000000000003 KB
Jan 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes18.129999999999999 KB
Feb 2009 Council Minutes29.48 KB
March 2009 Council Minutes31.390000000000001 KB
April 2009 Council Minutes36.469999999999999 KB
April 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes14.77 KB
May 2009 Council Minutes39.5 KB
May 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes11.800000000000001 KB
June 2009 Council Minutes33.159999999999997 KB
June 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes29.66 KB