Council Minutes FY 2009 - 2010

Minutes from the Council Meetings for the year 2009 - 2010.  Click on the pdf file below to view the minutes of the council meetings.
July 2009 Council Minutes32.409999999999997 KB
August 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes26.170000000000002 KB
August 2009 Council Minutes24.18 KB
September 2009 Council Minutes25.050000000000001 KB
October 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes10.17 KB
October 2009 Council Minutes20.280000000000001 KB
November 2009 Special Council Meeting Minutes8.5800000000000001 KB
November 2009 Council Minutes21.559999999999999 KB
December 2009 Council Minutes17.559999999999999 KB
January 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes10.32 KB
January 2010 Council Minutes19.359999999999999 KB
February 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes15.91 KB
February 2010 Council Minutes18.640000000000001 KB
March 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes7.8200000000000003 KB
March 2010 Council Minutes14.609999999999999 KB
April 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes8.0099999999999998 KB
April 2010 Council Minutes21.32 KB
April 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes8.0099999999999998 KB
May 2010 Council Minutes24.100000000000001 KB
May 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes10.220000000000001 KB
June 2010 Special Council Meeting Minutes10.42 KB
June 2010 Council Minutes23.010000000000002 KB