Council Meeting 7pm Council Chambers

Event Date: 
November 21, 2012
Notice of Meeting and Agenda
City Council of State Center Iowa
November 21, 2012 in Council Chambers
118 E Main St, State Center, IA 50247
At 7:00 p.m.
All items under the consent agenda will be enacted upon by motion without separate discussion of items. If discussion is desired by council members, that item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered separately.
1.                  Pledge of Allegiance
2.                  Roll Call 
3.                  Consent Agenda: Minutes of prior meetings to be approved: Oct 17 Regular, Nov 7 Special Council, Gutekunst Public Library (Oct), Fire/EMS (Nov 5), Park/Rec Board (Oct 17), Public Safety Mtg (Oct 24), and Reports: Police,Electric &Electric Plant, and PWD reports (Nov), and Licenses/Renewals: Liquor License: Hometown Foods Class B Wine, Class C Beer, Class E Liquor and Sunday Sales Permit, and, Finance: Claims & Warrants to be approved, and transfer of funds electric, water and sewer utilities to debt service.
4.                  Public Comment
5.                  City Hall Renovation Project 2011-01
·         Update
6.                  West Main Street Improvements Project 2012-01
·         Update
·         Pay Request #6 for $15,347.96 (action)
7.                  CDBG Sewer Project #2012-02
·         Update
·         Pay Request #3 for $177,635.79 (action)
8.                  Home Oil Project
·         Update
·         Dispose of Property North Right-of-Way on 4th St SE, (action to set public hearing) if ready
9.                  Sanitary Sewer Extension 5th St SE Project 2012-03
·         Resolution 12-32 Internal Loan for $76,510.00 from Electric to Capital Project Fund (action)
·         Approval pay request #1 $42,165.75 (action)
10.              Other
11.        Ordinance 311 Amending Ordinance to Add Chapter 9 Economic Development and 9.01 Exemption (action)
12.        Resolution 12-33 Annual Appropriation Development Agreement (action)
13.        Resolution 12-34 Annual Appropriation Internal Loan Public Alley Project (action)
14.        Resolution 12-35 Annual Appropriation Internal Loan Brimhall Building Project (action)
15.        Resolution 12-36 Annual Appropriation Internal Loan Dilapidated Building Project (action)
16.        2012 Tenure Pay – Approval (action)
17.        Iowa Veterans Home Agreement – Renewal (action)
28.        Release of Mortgage/housing rehab grants (action)
·         Dana Schoppe
19.        Jesse Toyne – Step Increase (action)
20.        Correspondence:
22.        Other
This notice is given at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting specified above by advertising with the news media who have filed a request for notice and posting the notice on a bulletin board in the city hall that is accessible to the public all pursuant to Chapter 21 Code of Iowa.
/S/ Lori Martin CITY CLERK